Android Apps Development

android apps developers in Nairobi Kenya

According to google search results, it is estimated that 3,739 android apps are uploaded to play store daily translating to atleast 100,000 uploaded android apps monthly. this statistics show that the need of android apps development is on the rise.

As of december 2020, there were 2.95 million android apps uploaded in play store, therefore this is a clear indiciation that businesses are choosing to invest in android apps development as a mode of doing their business since by 2020, around 3 million people in the world own smart phones.

Android apps development invloves coming up with an executable file that can be installed by users and use it as a tool for either purchasing goods or accessing the service offered by the business.

With a vast experience in android apps developement, our team focuses on giving out the best depending on the problem the client want to solve.

Android apps development requires both the client and the customer to be part of the whole development journey that why choosing the best android apps developers in Nairobi Kenya is necessary who will allow you as the client to participate the whole time the app is in progress.

We are ready to develop the app of your desire once we understand your requirements and agree on timelines and budget.