Mpesa Integration Development

mpesa integration developers in Nairobi Kenya

Mpesa is the most convenient way trusted by everyone to send and receive money in Kenya. It has not stopped at that, it has allowed businesses to be paid using till numbers and paybills. Therefore Mpesa has become an important tool to run businesses in Kenya.

We are a skilled Mpesa integration developers in Nairobi Kenya where we help businesses integrate mpesa till numbers and businesses to their business tools be it a website or an android application.

Our Mpesa integration developers in Nairobi works to ensure that a customer can pay for a product or service that has been purchased online and you as a business owner receive notification through your system thereby allowing you to ensure that you track all orders that has been paid with their transaction codes respectively.

In Mpesa integration we ensure that your system accounts for all transactions that happened in your website or in your android application such that at the end of the day you can account for all the items you sold through your system.

The services that we as Mpesa Integration developers offer are
1. C2B (Customer to Business)
This service is where a customer pays a business through a till number or Paybill when he is purchasing a product mostly in ecommerce or in booking for a service.
2. B2B (Business to Business)
This service includes where a business when you have received money through till number or paybill you can want to pay other businesses through the system. We come in and set up a way so that by a click of a button you can pay other till numbers or paybills
3. B2C (Business to Customer)
This is applicable in cases where customers are the beneficially of money from your organization such that you can pay employees through the system or you can release a loan to applicants directly to their mobile phones and account for all transactions that have happened.
4. Check Balance
Use the system to check balance in your till or paybill account
5. Transaction Status
In case a customer raises a compliant about a transaction, we develop a mechanism where you can key in transaction code and gives you the information regarding the transaction
6. Reversal
We integrate in a way that you can raise a reversal when the need demands

We are skilled Mpesa integration developers in Nairobi Kenya as we have delivered this service clients to their satisfaction. You can trust trust us with your ecommerce development project or android app development where we will add the mpesa integration to allow payments automation